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Mission Statement

"At Highland Animal Clinic our goal is to be trusted ambassadors for animal health and welfare. Our history as a family practice will serve as a model to continue to provide outstanding client education and committed service to the community where we work and live. We will offer elevated preventative medical care, and compassionate relief of suffering with dignity."

Dentistry with Digital Radiography

Good oral care is important to maintain fresh breath and overall health. Infections in the mouth can not only cause horrible breath and pain but can also spread bacteria to other organs in the body. We regularly preform dental scaling, polishing, and when needed radiography and extractions. Our dentistry workstation includes a digital dental radiology unit, surgical lighting, electronic lift treatment table, and a high-speed air-driven unit for cleaning and polishing.

Dental x-rays offer a giant leap forward in the evaluation of oral health. These high resolution images detect small problems before they become a larger problem. These x-rays can be sent by e-mail to radiologists or veterinary dentists for immediate consultation.