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Mission Statement

"At Highland Animal Clinic our goal is to be trusted ambassadors for animal health and welfare. Our history as a family practice will serve as a model to continue to provide outstanding client education and committed service to the community where we work and live. We will offer elevated preventative medical care, and compassionate relief of suffering with dignity."



  • Rachel - Receptionist

    Rachel was raised in Palmer, Alaska and loved all animals since before she can remember. Whether it was hamsters and cats indoors or dogs, horses, and frogs outside, she always found animals to help and care for. After Rachel graduated from high school she traveled for a short time to Europe and Australia. During that time she realized that Alaska was her true home. Rachel has worked in hospitality, retail, child care, and bridal alterations before coming to Highland Animal Clinic. When Rachel isn't working she enjoys relaxing at home with her husband and two cats, as well as getting outside to explore Alaska via hiking and camping.

  • Sarah - LVT, Veterinary Technician Specialist in Dentistry

    Sarah was born and raised in Anchorage, AK, and has always had a love for animals and dreamed of one day joining the veterinary field. She left Alaska to complete her Associates in Applied Science at the Bel Rea Institute and graduated in 2007 to become a licensed veterinary technician (LVT). She returned to Alaska to work in a specialty surgery practice for a couple years and then moved to a general practice where she discovered her love of veterinary dentistry.

    After many years of advanced training and education Sarah was awarded the designation of Veterinary Technician Specialist in Dentistry (VTS-Dentistry) in 2019 by the Academy of Veterinary Dental Technicians. Sarah's advanced dental training allows her to better assist veterinarians in dental radiology, pathology, dental hygiene, oral surgery, fracture repair, dental nerve blocks, and advanced endodontic and prosthodontics procedures. Sarah has also completed the Fear Free Certification Program in 2017 and loves to apply her training to allow her patients to feel more at ease and enjoy coming into and being treated in the veterinary clinic. Sarah joined the awesome team at Highland Animal Clinic in 2019.

    In her time off she loved being the mother of her 2 adorable girls, Victoria and Lydia, and hanging out with her loving husband, Randall. Being home-grown Alaskan she loves being in the outdoors and enjoys camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting whenever she gets the chance and loves to bring along her two welsh corgis, Jaffa and Korra, for some outdoor fun!

  • Chrishawna - Licensed Veterinary Technician/Nurse

    Chrishawna was born and raised in MN, where she graduated from Minnesota School of Business. Shortly after graduating from there in 2011 she traveled to AK for work. She had the pleasure of working with zoo animals as well as exotics and small animals. She moved back to MN for 1 year where she worked with horses. After realizing her love for AK, she returned and worked in emergency until 2020 when she joined our team. Her passion to help animals has been a part of who she is since she was a young child, becoming a licensed Veterinary Technician was the way she saw best for her to fulfill that passion. She loves training horses and spending time with her family and pets. You will not see her out running or exercising, but coffee, ice cream shops, horseback riding yep, relax in style.

  • Monica - Licensed Veterinary Technician/Nurse

    Monica was born in Frankfurt Germany on the army base. Her family moved state side when she was 3. Originally from Chandler Arizona, the military moved her family to AK in 1993.

    She made her start in the veterinary field while living in Fairbanks and continued the journey once she moved to Anchorage. She has been in the field for 18 years and because her passion for helping and caring for animals is so strong, she’ll be at it for another 20. She worked in general practice for 13 years before moving into emergency medicine for 5 years. She recently decided that she wanted to return to general practice, so she joined our team March 2020.

    Being a single mother of 2 teens, she’s done her best at balance work and life. Some of the things she is passionate about are raising her children to be good people, high standards of medicine and care for her patients in this field, continuing her knowledge in veterinary medicine, karaoke, trivia and ROLLER DERBY!!!

    Favorite quote: Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. ~ Maya Angelou

  • Lynzey - Non-Licensed Veterinary Technician

    Lynzey grew up in Juneau, Alaska where she spent her childhood hiking, fishing and nurturing her love of nature and the states many animals. This love was furthered with her fathers program of captive-bred Green Tree Pythons - which hold the title of first captive bred breed in Alaska. In high school, she spent her first years caring for her sickly childhood dog. Diagnosed with cancer, the many trips to the vet prompted Lynzey to research the terms and procedures to understand the diagnoses and treatments. A recent veterinary grad noticed her eagerness to learn and help, and took to mentoring her through the process.

    Though Lynzey’s dog lost his fight, she was inspired to help pets and their families the way she had been: with caring, patience and understanding. She decided to start working in Juneau at two different veterinary clinics before going to Flagstaff, Arizona for college. Her time there only reinforced that veterinary medicine was her passion, so she returned to Juneau to pursue her dream. Upon arrival, she adopted Harbor, a corgi heeler mix who would be the first of many. As she continued to  work in the veterinary field, she then adopted Kai, and met her supportive partner Derek and his silver lab, Sheenjek.

    Lynzey decided to join them in Anchorage, where she began at an emergency vet clinic before settling in with the Highland Animal Clinic family. Her own doggy family expanded with the addition of Adak. When she’s not working hard for the animals she cares for both in and outside of work, you can catch Lynzey and her family out hiking and exploring beautiful Anchorage and Eagle River.

  • Julie - Office Manager
    Julie was raised on a small centennial farm in Michigan. From barn cats to pet goats, pond frogs to horses, the four-legged critters were her every day community. “Born in the Barn” animal stewardship has been a lifelong occupation as well as a passion. A spontaneous adventure, during summer break from college, landed Julie in Homer. Enchanted by nonstop wind and rain pounding on her tent Julie was smitten by the Alaskan shore and skyline. After graduation from Central Michigan University, where she earned a BS in Speech and Communications as well as Education, Julie returned to Alaska. Every day since has satisfied the gypsy soul that steers her compass. Skiing, hiking, biking, sailing, paddling, gardening and just plain getting out there, Julie has covered hundreds of miles with her son Ian and the dogs that have shared their trails. Lisa, the Border Collie, winning hands down the award for going the extra mile. No matter how far they roam they are always welcomed back by the kitties that keep their house a home. Julie enjoys the dark winter days for the opportunity to catch up on reading. Highland Animal Clinic has occupied a sustained position in a resume that had started to exceed novel in length. Being part of this incredible team, dedicated to people and their companions, satisfies that need to be part of something that really makes a difference in the lives of those we serve.
  • Emilie - Kennel Technician

    Emilie has lived in Alaska for the majority of her life. She is currently attending UAA to get a M.S in engineering. Emilie has worked at Highland since 2017. She has always loved working with animals. One of her favorite things about the clinic is the fun loving environment. Outside of work you can find Emilie studying, biking the Service trails, hiking with her dog Jack, flying in a super cub, or camping in the mountains.