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Mission Statement

 "At Highland Animal Clinic our goal is to be trusted partners in animal health and welfare. Our history as a family practice will serve as a model to provide outstanding client education and committed service to the community. We will offer a personalized and flexible balance of high-quality medicine with relationship centered care based on clients' goals, values, and resources."


At Highland Animal Clinic, we understand the concern every owner has for their pet when they undergo general anesthesia, sedation and surgery. We take special care in our facility, equipment and staff training to minimize the risks of anesthesia and surgery. Pre-anesthetic blood work is recommended for all anesthetized patients, and all patients are pre-medicated with sedatives and pain medications after an initial examination with the veterinarian. Once sedate, they are given an intravenous injection to allow intubation and constant flow of oxygen and anesthetic gas. The surgical site is clipped and cleaned and the pet is kept warm on heating blankets. Patients receive IV fluids and antibiotics as needed, while our licensed technician/nurse monitors their blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, ECG, temperature, oxygen saturation, and depth of anesthesia. All of our surgical instruments are sterilized with steam or gas. If an item cannot be re-sterilized it is thrown away.


Our doctors perform a variety of surgeries:

  • Spays and neuters, Soft tissue surgeries -abdominal exploratory surgery, mass/tumor removal, vascular surgery, etc