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Mission Statement

 "At Highland Animal Clinic our goal is to be trusted partners in animal health and welfare. Our history as a family practice will serve as a model to provide outstanding client education and committed service to the community. We will offer a personalized and flexible balance of high-quality medicine with relationship centered care based on clients' goals, values, and resources."

Helpful Links

Emergency Clinics
Pet Emergency Treatment –
Midnight Sun Animal Hospital (formerly Diamond Animal Hospital) –

Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance Review (compare different insurance companies)-

Pet care

Veterinary Partner (helpful handouts about disease written by veterinary professionals)-

Pet Poison Helpline – 

Feline Vaccine Recommendation Calculator- Lifestyle-based Vaccine Calculator (

Indoor Cat Initiative from The Ohio State University- Indoor Pet Initiative

Food Puzzles for Cats-

Fundamentally Feline (Veterinary Behaviorists that address all aspects of a cat's behavior that can be improved upon to help both cats and humans live more harmoniously together)-

Canine Vaccine Recommendation Calculator- Lifestyle-based Vaccine Calculator (

Veterinary Oral Health Council (veterinary approved dental products)-

American Veterinary Dental College (dental information for pet owners)-

American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (behavior information for pet owners)-

Canine and Feline Hereditary Disease Testing Database -

Companion Animal Parasite Council (animal parasite guidelines) - 


American Animal Hospital Association –

American Veterinary Medicine Association – 

Microchip/Avid –

Anchorage Animal Care and Control –


World Small Animal Veterinary Association:

     Global Nutrition Guidelines-

     The Savvy Dog Owner's Guide: Nutrition on the Internet-

     The Savvy Cat Owner's Guide: Nutrition on the Internet -

     Recommendations on Selecting Pet Foods:

Balance It (find recipes for balanced homemade diets)-

American College of Veterinary Nutrition (list of board certified veterinary specialists in nutrition) -

Pet Food Institute (information on ingredient definitions, labeling regulations, and current issues in pet food) -

Hills/Science Diet Nutrition –

Purina Veterinary Diets-